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About us

BARK is a new and unique pet care service offered right here in Greeneville, TN!  

DAYCARE - BARK allows dogs to interact with other dogs and people which improves their socialization skills, leading to a better behaved and happier pet (and happier owners too!) dogs will be able to play both inside and outside, with a variety of toys and obstacles that will stimulate theiir minds and bodies. having frequent access to the bathroom can prevent issues such as infections, stones, bladder weakening, and incontinence. dogs will be tested prior to placement in the daycare program to ensure they are grouped with compatible playmates. dogs will receive the mental and physical stimulation they need to be the best version of themselves.

BOARDING - BARK offers overnight boarding services for your dogs. The dog boarding area is equipped large 5'x5' kennels that can accommodate 2 large dogs if yours prefer to stay together.. 

GROOMING - BARK offers on site basic grooming services for dogs to help them look and feel their best (see grooming page for details) We hope to add full grooming services as well!

SAFETY - BARK staff is American Red Cross Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR certified. Our security system includes door sensors on all entrances/exits, indoor motion sensors, multiple smoke detectors, and cameras. The owner lives within 2 miles of the facility and is able to respond quickly if needed. 



BARK is inspired by the previous owners own dogs, Kimura and

Sachi.  They both enjoyed and benefited from spending time at an in-home dog daycare. They got the exercise they needed while Kelly was at work, and she was able to enjoy them more when she got home. Daycare services allows them the opportunity to engage both mentally and physically with other dogs so that they acted more appropriately when out in public and are easier to train. as a bigger dog, Kimura needed the exercise to keep her joints healthy, and as an older dog, Sachi needs more frequent bathroom breaks.  daycare services solved all these problems for Kelly and can for you too!

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